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The MONO Circle

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
The philosophy of the MONO cycle takes its roots in the famous quote from Aristotle. We believe that external and internal factors all have a decisive role in our health. Of course, our nutrition is essential, but it is equally important to understand how our behavior influences our psyche and feelings. The MONO Juice Day cycle serves as a guide for an ideal and holistic day. Our goal is simple: with our daily program, we help you achieve the perfect balance of body, mind, and soul. Let go and let in a new breath of energy!

Daily Routine

7:00 a.m.: COLD SHOWER
Strengthen your immune system. You can do it!

Get out of bed and dive into the cool water! A cold shower will refresh and energize the body and the mind. A Dutch study also shows that cold showers strengthen your immune system. The thermal stimuli of cold temperatures stimulate your white blood cells, which fight off invading bacteria and viruses. The cold shower releases the hormone noradrenaline in the brain, a stimulant and a hormone of happiness. If you are not used to cold showers in the morning, start with lukewarm water and slowly lower the temperature to 15°C. You can do it!

Studie: Immunabwehr | Studie: Weisse BlutkörperchenStudie: Noradrenalin

The morning routine designed for professionals. Start your day off right!

Good morning sunshine, it's time for your CELERY PLEASE! This low-calorie morning juice is no longer a secret for those conscious of their health. Once again, sit back and relax, we take care of everything!

In our creation, spicy celery is paired with a drizzle of lemon. The result is an explosion of flavors that will delight and wake up any morning grump. Every week, our celery is gently cold-pressed and it allows our morning juice - designed for professionals - to remain fresh. Start your day off right!

One bottle covers 45% of your daily magnesium needs and 42% of your daily potassium needs.

Magnesium is necessary for the maintenance of bone health and plays a role in cell division.
Potassium contributes to the maintenance of muscles and to a healthy nervous system. Potassium also contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure.

09:00 a.m.: YOGA / STRETCHING
Rebalance your energy system with the Sun Salutation. Happy Day!

Start the day with a yoga classic and warm up your body. The Sun Salutation - Surya Namaskar - stretches and strengthens the major muscle groups, thereby helping with your mobility. It frees your body from all tension and rebalances your energy system. Of course, there are other yoga and stretching exercises, take some time to research them and choose the ones that will make you feel good. Happy Day!

Studie: Energiesystem 

10.00 a.m.: 
The raw take on the traditional Indonesian drink. Ancient wisdom!

For JAMU JUICE, we were inspired by the ancestral drink "Jamu", deeply rooted in Indonesian history. For over a thousand years, it has been credited with revitalizing effects for the body! There is no doubt about its effectiveness.

Traditionally, the ingredients of "Jamu" are boiled in water. For our JAMU JUICE, we decided otherwise. All the juices contained are gently cold pressed and never heated. Why? To preserve vitamins, enzymes, minerals and phytochemicals. The latter, ultra sensitive, would not survive the heat and that would be a shame for your body. Sometimes, changing traditions is a good thing!

Our raw version of the traditional Indonesian drink becomes the new morning ritual. Ancient wisdom!

One bottle covers 100% of your daily vitamin C needs.

*Vitamin C contributes to healthy immune and nervous systems and reduces fatigue.

11:00 a.m.: MEDITATION
Strengthen your cognitive abilities with Kirtan Kriya. Find Your Balance!

It's time for Kirtan Kriya. This magical Kundalini Yoga meditation practice is designed to help you let go of bad habits, welcome new ones, and boost your cognitive abilities. This meditation contains the SA TA NA MA mantras, which represent the whole cycle of life: birth, life, death and rebirth. This exercise is also associated with mudras, symbolic positions of the hands and fingers. Find your balance!

Studie: Kognitive Fähigkeiten

12.00 a.m.: 
No room for fruits. Pure veggie power!

This one is for all vegetable lovers! With a name like that - PURE VEGGIE, it’s easy to understand that only our cold-pressed vegetables are welcome inside the bottle - farewell fructose! This green creation contains around 17 calories per 100ml. High iron and vegan vitamin B12 make this low-calorie drink the alternative to meat. It guarantees your satiety with our fresh and natural ingredients' protein load.

To make our drink even more powerful, we have added matcha, rich in active substances. An innovative creation, strictly forbidden to fruits. Pure veggie power!

One bottle covers 60% of your daily iron needs and 100% of your daily vitamin B12 needs.

Vitamin B12 and iron contribute to the formation of red blood cells and play a role in cell division.
Iron contributes to good cognitive functioning.

Compliment someone - make yourself and someone else happy. Be a nice person!

Various studies show that giving a compliment, but also receiving one, helps you feel better. So treat yourself, and make someone else happy. Say something nice and thoughtful to someone. It will warm your hearts and boost everyone's esteem. As William Shakespeare said, “I have never regretted doing good.” Be a nice person!

Studie: Komplimente verteilen | Studie 2: Komplimente verteilen

02.00 a.m.:
Pure Energy. Raw performance by nature!

Using 100% natural energy from cold-pressed ingredients, RED FUEL provides your body with long-lasting fuel. Often described as a power vegetable, beets are known for their beneficial action during sports activities. We preserve the power of the tuber through our preparation: the beet and other ingredients of our creation are gently cold pressed and never heated.

Forget about energy drinks and their chemical substances! For RED FUEL, we only use active ingredients found in nature, such as caffeine from the Guarana berry. Topped with iron and vegan vitamin B12, you get an all natural energy drink.
Whether you drink it before sport, in case of severe fatigue, after a short night, or to beat the afternoon’s energy drop: RED FUEL improves your concentration and boosts your energy naturally. Focus + Energy. Natural power!

One bottle covers 45% of your daily iron needs and 150% of your daily vitamin B12 needs.

Iron contributes to the transport of oxygen in the body.
Vitamin B12 contributes to the proper functioning of energy metabolism and reduces fatigue.
The caffeine in the guarana berry helps improve performance and concentration.

03.00 p.m.: WALK IN THE FOREST

Reduce stress hormones and increase your productivity. Into the woods!

"Shinrin-Yoku" or "Forest Bathing" is an ancient Japanese tradition. A walk in the forest reduces stress hormones and enhances your cognitive performance. Enjoy this walk by leaving your mobile phone at home (or simply turning it off), you will be able to appreciate the soothing tranquility surrounding you. Into the woods!

Studie: Produktivität und Stresshormone (Digital Detox) | Studie: Stresshormone

04.00 p.m.: 
Green, greener, Greenery. Green is all you need!

Other Green Juices may be green with envy. Kale, cucumber, parsley, spinach, apple (and much more), it doesn't get greener than ours! Cold pressed, rich in minerals and nutrients, you get it all in one bottle.

Green vegetables-based, Green Juice contains little fruit. Little, but enough for their sweetness to mix delightfully with the power of the vegetables. Join the green gang and become green, greener, GREENERY. Green is all you need!

One bottle covers 45% of your daily vitamin C needs.

Vitamin C contributes to a healthy nervous system and energy metabolism. Vitamin C also contributes to collagen formation and regenerates skin and bones.

05.00 p.m.: WRITING / READING
Set your goals or broaden your horizons. Work in progress!

Keep a success journal by writing down your personal goals. Studies show that writing down your thoughts and goals generates a significantly higher success rate. If picking up a pen and paper isn’t your thing, immerse yourself in reading a good book. According to studies, reading would even increase life expectancy, amongst other benefits. Work in progress!

Studie: Höhere Erfolgsquote | Studie: Höhere Lebenserwartung

06.00 p.m.: 
A day at the sea. Glow and shine!

Summer at the beach, warm and soothing sunsets… We have created a sunny and fruity substitute for these sensations to last all year round. Thanks to chia seeds, our GLOW + SHINE is rich in omega-3 and has satiating properties. That's not all: the exotic juice contains a large dose of vitamin C and vegan vitamin D, which guarantee inner shine day and night.

Sourced from young Nam Hom coconuts, we add natural coconut water to our fresh fruit base. Baobab, on the other hand, provides the necessary fiber for your digestive system and pampers you with its prebiotic properties. All you have to do is enjoy your day by the sea. Glow and shine!

Sourced from young Nam Hom coconuts, we add natural coconut water to our fresh fruit base. Baobab, on the other hand, provides the necessary fiber for your digestive system and pampers you with its prebiotic properties. All you have to do is enjoy your day by the sea. Glow and shine!

One bottle covers 60% of your daily vitamin C needs and 300% of your daily vitamin D needs.

Vitamin C helps protect cells from oxidative stress, contributes to the formation of collagen and regenerates the skin.

Vitamin D contributes to a healthy immune system and acts on cell division.

From 07.00 p.m.: QUIET TIME
It's time to relax. Take it easy!

During the MONO Juice Day cycle, it is crucial to stay focused on yourself. Each body is different and will react individually to fasting. Allow yourself plenty of time to rest and relax. Take it easy!


Trust your instincts!

Our Kombucha is real. Our kombucha is raw. Our kombucha has never been heated. Yes, like our juices, it is not pasteurized. This is how we get this pure concentrate of life.

The ingredients in our kombucha are 100% vegan, 100% organically grown and entirely fair trade. And it shows: our Kombucha is naturally tangy and slightly sweet. A tasty balance.

The local «nycha» brewmasters in Wettingen know have to create excellent fermentation. Instead of the usual 2 weeks, the natural fermentation process of our Kombucha lasts 6-8 weeks. This is how the living food for your second brain is created. Trust your instincts!

The thirst quencher of the century. Stay hydrated!

WATERMELON is a perfect blend of watermelon and lemon, which is perfect for hot weather. After sports or on sunny days by the lake, this unique juice will quench your thirst with its refreshing power!

As you already know, to guarantee a maximum flavor and to preserve the benefits of the raw fruit, all the ingredients are cold pressed and never heated.

With or without ice cubes - WATERMELON is undoubtedly the most refreshing thirst quencher of the century. Stay hydrated!

One bottle covers 24% of your daily potassium needs.

Potassium contributes to maintenance of muscles and to a healthy nervous system. Potassium also contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure.

If needed:

A versatile and incredible weapon. To be enjoyed throughout the day, mixed with water or tea.

The potent, organic boost of ginger - experience a unique taste. GRIPEN is our multi-action weapon. The proven effectiveness of the ginger, honey and lemon formula makes this shot the best of resolutions. Fight the fatigue that follows a long day at work and get yourself ready for the next cold snap. Whether you consume it pure, hot or cold, with brandy or water - GRIPEN is the solution to any state of fatigue. As we say here at MONO: One GRIPEN a day...

Activate your chakras. Body and soul together in harmony.

In Vedic philosophy, CHAKRA means the circle. It represents the seven vital energy points of the human body, along the spine. The recipe for the CHAKRA shot is inspired by the wisdom of yogis and their ancestral traditions: physical and mental well-being can only be achieved through the harmony of body, mind and soul.

Stop thinking about the stress of everyday life and rest. Experience the delicious spiciness of cayenne pepper and ginger, and savor the spicy-sweet combination of oranges and turmeric. Activate your chakras and let prana - the breath of life - flow through you. The CHAKRA shot is ideal after yoga or meditation and will infuse you with brand new energy. Let it flow!

GRANATE (Pomegranate-Shot)
Don't give oxidative stress a chance.

The benefits of the illustrious pomegranate are numerous. The incomparable taste of our shot is obtained with scrupulous manual work. Each pomegranate seed is carefully removed from the shell, following our unique process. Farewell bitter pulp, we keep only the seeds. These precious rubies are gently cold pressed, until the last drop. The result is a fruity, sweet and slightly tangy juice, a concentrate of ingredients. Feel the difference!


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