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Trust your instincts!

Our Kombucha is real. Our kombucha is raw. Our kombucha has never been heated. Yes, like our juices, it is not pasteurized. This is how we get this pure concentrate of life.

The ingredients in our kombucha are 100% vegan, 100% organically grown and entirely fair trade. And it shows: our Kombucha is naturally tangy and slightly sweet. A tasty balance.

The local 'nycha' brewmasters in Wettingen know have to create excellent fermentation. Instead of the usual 2 weeks, the natural fermentation process of our Kombucha lasts 6-8 weeks. This is how the living food for your second brain is created. Trust your instincts!

100% kombucha (fair trade Darjeeling green tea infusion, yeast & bacterial cultures, cane sugar). May contain residual alcohol due to fermentation, alcohol content: < 0.5% vol.

Energy 80 kJ (20 kcal), fat < 0.1 g, of which saturated fatty acids < 0.1 g, carbohydrates 4.7 g, of which sugars 4.6 g, protein < 0.5 g, salt < 0, 01 g.

8x KOMBUCHA (300ml)

Shelf life: min. 30 days

In order to preserve their quality, our creations are transported to your home in a refrigerated device. It is important to store them at ≤ 5°C upon reception.

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