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MONO Gripen-Chakra Shot Box vor weissen Hintergrund
MONO Vitaminshots Gripen und Chakra vor weissen Hintergrund
MONO Vitaminshot Gripen vor gelben Hintergrund mit Schatten
MONO Vitaminshot Chakra vor gelben Hintergrund mit Schatten


CHF 80.00

The potent, organic boost of ginger - experience a unique taste. GRIPEN is our multi-action weapon. The proven effectiveness of the ginger, honey and lemon formula makes this shot the best of resolutions.

Fight the fatigue that follows a long day at work and get yourself ready for the next cold snap. Whether you consume it pure, hot or cold, with brandy or water - GRIPEN is the solution to any state of fatigue. As we say here at MONO: One GRIPEN a day...


In Vedic philosophy, Chakra means the circle. It represents the seven vital energy points of the human body, along the spine. The recipe for the CHAKRA shot is inspired by the wisdom of yogis and their ancestral traditions: physical and mental well-being can only be achieved through the harmony of body, mind and soul.

Stop thinking about the stress of everyday life and rest. Experience the delicious spiciness of cayenne pepper and ginger, and savor the spicy-sweet combination of oranges and turmeric. Activate your chakras and let prana - the breath of life - flow through you. The CHAKRA shot is ideal after yoga or meditation and will infuse you with brand new energy. Let it flow!

Ginger juice, honey, lemon juice.

Turmeric juice, ginger juice, cayenne, cider vinegar, orange juice, lemon juice, poppy seeds.

10x GRIPEN shot (60ml)
10x CHAKRA shot (60ml)

Shelf life: min. 30 days
In order to preserve their quality, our creations are transported to your home in a refrigerated device. It is important to store them at ≤ 5°C upon receipt.

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